At Vancouver Island Brewery we believe that fresh local beer makes a difference. We brew Islander Lager right here on Vancouver Island without any added preservatives or pasteurization. A lot of other breweries can't say the same.

Your Islander Lager didn't have to take a ferry to get here so you know it's the freshest tasting beer around. At Vancouver Island Brewery, we respect our roots and all of the things that make the Island the best place on earth. "It's where you live".

We employ "Islander's" at our brewery and support many Island events in the communities where we live! We believe that keeping it local means something. We are proud that we bank with the local Island credit union down the street and not some international bank based in the USA, Brazil or Europe for that matter.

If you are interested in seeing where some other beer brands come from, feel free to have a look. We have a feeling that you may realize most other beers are not as fortunate as Islander Lager!
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Kegs and Equipment Rental:
Looking to host an event or party and want to serve the freshest Island brewed beer possible to your friends? Then look no further than Islander Lager brewed by Vancouver Island Brewery. We can supply you with fresh, local draught beer and the tools you will need to dispense and serve it to your valued guests.

Draught Equipment and Supplies:
Hand Pump Rental No Charge
For portable draught unit please call for details and charges.

Keg Pricing:
50L Keg = 146 cans 20L, Keg = 56 cans
Islander Lager, 50L - $162.00
Islander Lager, 20L - $75.00

Keg deposits and equipment rental pre-authorizations are charged at time of purchase. Please call for more information.

For more information or to place your order give us a call 250-361-0005 or email us.
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